The Official Christmas Start To The Weekend

    Every Friday night, in December up to Christmas from 7 until 11pm Join Nigel Clarkson and Ian Fortt along with Marvin The Snowman They will be playing Christmas songs and upbeat music on the shows plus given listeners the chance to win lots of prizes and giveaways including cash.

    Listen out for 'Marvin The Snowman and his amazing Christmas Prize Conveyor Belt' which will randomly pop up many times on the show Simply pick a prize number from 1 - 10 and Marvin will stop the conveyor belt at your prize to see what you have won!!

    Make sure you sign up below with Marvin The Snowman, for your chance to win and you never know - we could be ringing you to win a prize.

    Ian Fortt will also be playing 'Name That Tune' with his mini organ in the studio. First one to get the right answer on Facebook, will win a prize.

    Nigel will also be playing 'Bottoms Up'. Work out what the duo will be drinking after the show. Plus, guess whats in Santa's sack?!

     Its going to be a great way to start the weekend with Sandgrounder Radio, Nigel, Ian and Marvin the Snowman First show is on Friday 7th December from 7pm. There will also be further Official Christmas Starts To The Weekend on the 14th and 21st.

    The show is sponsored by

    Sign up below, to play 'Marvin The Snowman and his amazing Christmas Prize Conveyor Belt'